Girls and moms are raving about the Only Hearts Club®, a unique fashion doll brand featuring dolls that look and dress like real girls in cool yet age-appropriate outfits! The dolls provide girls with a wholesome image and, through a series of Only Hearts Club® books, deliver a positive message. The club includes eight bright, cute and energetic young girls — Taylor Angelique, Karina Grace, Olivia Hope, Briana Joy, Lily Rose, Anna Sophia, Hannah Faith and Kayla Rae — who formed the Only Hearts Club® in a bond of true friendship. They are a fun - loving group of friends who are always there for one another. They laugh, share secrets and have the greatest adventures together. Most importantly, the Only Hearts Club® girls encourage each other, and real girls who read their books, to follow the pledge of the Only Hearts Club® — “Listen to your heart and do the right thing !"

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